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Kaleidoscopic Edgcumbe Park

Updated: May 26, 2022

Mount Edgcumbes

Kaleidoscopic Nature Photography

It’s with many thanks to Carol Drummond’s warm welcome in the lovely Lamberts Book Shop recently that I’m a shiny new fully paid up Friend of Mount Edgcumbe, .. I highly recommend becoming a member to support the invaluable work they do for the park and the delightful discounts available!

Being a Devon girl I’ve visited the park since early childhood via the Cremyll ferry, and as for so many of us it holds a certain magical, magnetic attraction.

I became interested in photography after studying Illustration at Falmouth College of Art and one day by chance I discovered a style of abstract kaleidoscopic picture taking.

On a bright sunny day when the light and textures are just right I found I was able to capture some fascinating images.

Having just moved back to the area after many years I’m very happy to be back on my old stomping ground in the gardens with the cork trees and the summer houses.

It was on a perfect early spring day in April that I took a stroll in the gardens and found the blossoms and flowers looking beautiful. I took a small series of pictures to add to the ever growing portfolio and sent them to fellow FOME and Journal editor Tony Hutchings.

The images seem to capture an abstract geometric beauty lending itself to all sorts of design possibilities.

Leaves and petals, twigs and lichen all translate into unusual patterns and colour combinations, it’s like seeing the world through an endless enchanting lens.

As with other creative pursuits this process allows time for contemplation and interaction with the world at a gentle pace, it’s helped me slow down and study my surroundings in great detail and I’m delighted that I now have the opportunity to photograph Mount Edgcumbe in all it’s kaleidoscopic glory and transfer the images to prints, cards and home ware.

Michelle Hazell

Southwest Artist

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