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Mount Edgcumbe Classic Car Show 4th August 2024

We are looking forward to the Classic Car Show which will be held on the 4th August.
It is a very large event and to run it safely and efficiently we need your help.
We are looking for volunteers to help run the event on the day.
Most of the roles our volunteers undertake fall into two main categories.

Directing/Parking Cars: volunteers strategically placed in the car parking fields direct drivers into the next available parking slots. Some of the volunteers remain reasonably static and some move around the fields as the areas get filled up. A few of the volunteers are stationed at the entrance to the field and issue the drivers with an entry slip, which the drivers hand to the volunteers collecting entry fees.

Collecting Entry fees: For this, volunteers are in a gazebo/tent and collect the entry fee for the event. All occupants of cars parked in the field are directed to the gazebo/tents, where the drivers hand over the slip issued when they entered the field and where they then they pay their entry fee; payment is either by cash or card.

All volunteers will be well-briefed throughout the course of the day, and nominated people will be on hand to help if other volunteers have any queries/problems. Ideally, we would like each volunteer to do two 2-hour shifts, but we'd be grateful for any offers.

There are also several other volunteer roles if those above don't appeal to you.
Without the support of volunteers, we couldn't run this event which raises much needed funds for the preservation of Mount Edgcumbe Park and vital support for Cornwall Hospice Care patients. 
So, if you and/or your friends or family are able to help out at this year’s event, please get in touch.

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